Labor Rights and Employment

We are prepared to represent you in your labor rights or employment law dispute.

vancouver employment lawyersBoth public and private employees have legal rights in Washington. Our attorney is  former guild leaders and has experience in pursuing actions against employers that compromise your rights, position, or compensation.

The Rights of Public Employees in Washington

All employees are entitled to state and federal protections from discrimination, harassment, or unfair compensation and treatment. These are universal employment rights, but public employees have other rights that are guaranteed for the purposes of investigating unfair practices by government agencies.

Government employees in Washington have specific rights such as:

  • Review of personnel files.
  • Respond to complaints.
  • Fair investigations and hearings.
  • Appeal of disciplinary actions.
  • Filing suit for damages against your employer.

In the event that you are prevented from exercising your rights, you will need a skilled and empathetic lawyer to represent you. Northwest Legal Advocates, LLC knows how to navigate the complex procedural and hearing processes to protect your rights, and can help you understand the remedies that may be available to you.

My  involvement with labor unions in Washington gives me a unique insight to the individual and collective role of employees in the operation of state agencies, and I am committed advocates for your rights as an employee.

The Rights of Private Employees in Washington

The rights of private employees are in some ways different from public or government workers. While most public employees are in labor unions, many private employees may not have labor union support, a collective bargaining agreement or even an employment contract. Although some private company employees are members of unions and or guilds, most private employees are ‘at will’ employees. If you are an ‘at will’ employee, you can be fired for no reason or no cause at all. The employer may simply fire you anytime the employer wants. There are exceptions to this that could give rise to legal remedies. Those exceptions include:

  • Discrimination based on race, religion, sex, marital status, nationality or age.
  • Retaliation for exercising your rights as an employee (i.e whistleblowing, complaints of unsafe work conditions, wage claims, workers’ compensation claims, etc.).

If you have been fired for making lawful claims or complaints, then you may have legal options available. As a private employee you are entitled to fair wages, a safe work environment, and freedom from discrimination or sexual harassment. Any violation of these rights is illegal under both state and federal statutes. To pursue a claim, you will need the counsel of the Vancouver lawyer at Northwest Legal Advocates, LLC, and we have the background to advise you on how to seek compensation and fight the unfair practices in your workplace.

Northwest Legal Advocates, LLC: Labor and Employment Attorney

The rights of employees are essential to maintain a work environment that assures equal treatment and prevents violation of professional standards of conduct. If you have been dismissed or treated unfairly then you may have rights under state and federal statutes to file an action against your employer. At times, the employment relationship is misused and there can be instances of retaliation, sexual harassment, or unpaid wages that can be disruptive in your personal and work life.

Northwest Legal Advocates, LLC is available to offer you an extensive background in labor and employment law, and are dedicated to advocating for your rights as either a public or private employee and empathetic to every situation. Please contact our Vancouver employment lawyer for a consultation if you think that you have been the subject of unfair treatment or employment practices. We are ready to protect your rights and give you the affordable legal counsel that you need.