Civil Litigation

We are civil litigation attorneys who understand how to navigate the complexities of any personal or contractual dispute.

vancouver civil litigation attorneysWhether you have been named as a defendant in a lawsuit or wish to file your own civil action, we can give you quality counsel and representation.

Not every dispute will end up in court, and as your attorneys we will look for ways to reach a settlement with the other party. However, we are always prepared to litigate your case, and are committed to using all of our resources to find you a satisfactory resolution.

What to Expect From the Process of Civil Litigation

Anytime that a lawsuit is filed, there are legal requirements for response, motions, and setting a calendar for trial. At the same time, we are preparing all documents, evidence and statements that will form the basis for your case, and we approach this essential process as though we will go all the way to trial. In this way, the other party and their attorneys will know that we are serious about our position, even though we are always open to negotiation and settlement.

At every stage, we will inform you of our strategy and share with you options for settlement as they arise. We are always aware of the stress of litigation in terms of time and expense, and will attempt to bring you the quickest and most cost-effective resolution possible.

Types of Civil Litigation Cases

Although we have the experience to handle virtually any type of litigation, there are several areas where we focus our practice including:

Personal injury cases:

These types of cases cause economic damages resulting from negligent actions, such as car accidents, slip and fall, or assault. This type of case may involve multiple parties, with either individuals or businesses as the one at fault.

Learn more about Personal Injury Cases.

Contract disputes:

Both individuals and businesses can have disputes that arise from breach or nonperformance of a contract. Examples of contract litigation include lease disputes, breach of service agreements or property transactions.

Employment disputes:

When an employer and employee disagree about the scope or terms of their relationship a lawsuit may result. This can also include instances of breach of confidentiality or misappropriation of data and information. We have years of experience representing employees who have had their rights compromised, such as in discrimination or harassment cases.

All of these cases revolve around one party suffering some type of harm or damage from the actions of the other, and the facts involved are critical to the outcome. Our priority is to represent your interests aggressively, and we will assemble your case in a way that gives you an advantage. Whether we are involved in a settlement discussion with the other party’s attorney, or arguing your case in court, we will always be your committed legal advocate.

Northwest Legal Advocates, LLC: Your Vancouver Civil Litigation Attorneys

Civil litigation requires an attorney who has spent years preparing and arguing cases in court, and there is no substitute for direct trial experience. Because we have been in this position many times, we know exactly the facts and law that will control the outcome of your case.

We will inform you of the potential areas of strength and weakness in your position, and help you decide the best course of action. In many cases, settlement is possible, but only after we have formulated our strategy and know your limits of compromise.

Our firm is serious about giving you the counsel that you need to resolve your conflict, and will dedicate our resources and skills to achieve a successful conclusion. If you have been named in a lawsuit or want to initiate a claim against another party, please contact our civil litigation attorneys for a consultation so that we can evaluate the next steps and advise you on the best course of action.