Washington Fraternal Order of Police – General Counsel

We are dedicated to assisting law enforcement officers in Oregon and Washington

vancouver misdemeanor attorneysEvery day, officers are sent to help the public.  Without warning, they can be thrown into dangerous and violent situations where they are forced to react to protect victims, the public and themselves.  Each of our experienced attorneys have handled thousands of misdemeanor and felony cases, from minor theft charges to aggravated murder. Each knows hows investigations are undertaken.  This background gives us the range of legal skills and knowledge necessary to help officers when they are forced to react.  We act to assist officers directly and through the Fraternal Order of Police and various legal defense plans for law enforcement and corrections officers.

We act as general counsel for the Washington Fraternal Order of Police, standing by to assist officers when needed.

Critical Incidents and Crime Scene Responses

If an officer is involved in an incident needing assistance from an attorney, we are there for you.  Our attorneys routinely respond to scenes to assist in critical incidents.

Most Critical Incidents involve a need for a thorough and accurate investigation.  With our experience, we have the knowledge and ability to quickly assess incidents, review facts and assists officers when they needed it most, in the hours and days after critical incidents.  We know how prosecutors view these cases and their need for information, fast. We use our experience to be certain the officers interests and rights are protected.

False Complaints:

Officers are held to very high standards.  While the public may not always understand, officers are some of the most scrutinized of any profession.  They have to be because the public depends on the the officers to protect them, while upholding the laws and Constitutions.  When and officer is subject to a complaint, to facing discipline we are there for you.  Our attorneys routinely assist officers and investigate complaints against them.  When we have false complaints, we work with officers to prove the complaint false.  In some cases, we have used our experience to convince prosecutors to file and successfully the complainants for the felony crime of malicious prosecution (RCW 9.62.010) and other crimes because the person made a fase accusation against an officer.

Discipline and Brady

Officers need advise on discipline and Brady matters.  We assist officers facing these issues through careful examination of their work rules, collective bargaining agreements and the facts of incidents.  We work for the best possible outcome for the officers.

Victim Services

Our firm is dedicated to helping and protecting people. We want to ensure everyone’s rights are protected, including when officers are victims of crimes such as when they are assaulted, or harmed at work.  We assist officers when they are interviewed by prosecutors and defense attorneys, assist with victim impact statements, and we appear in court to assist officers make their own arguments for bail, for release conditions, and for sentences for people who harm them.

For this reason, it is essential to have an attorney from Northwest Legal Advocates, LLC defend you so that we can use our in depth knowledge of the criminal justice arena to protect your liberty.


Our attorneys understand that that laws are dynamic.  Our attorneys have  written laws that officers use everyday to protect the public and themselves.  Every year, there are new bills presented in the legislature that that impact the goals of protecting the public, as well as protecting officers and providing for their security and benefits. We are proud to say that we stand to assist in drafting legislation, reviewing bills and meeting with the legislators to seek to ensure that sound, solid laws are passed.

Northwest Legal Advocates, LLC: Dedicated Attorneys

Our firm is committed to offering you the best assistance possible, and to always present the facts that reflect your views and memory of the incident. Every incident has different interpretations, and there can be misunderstandings of evidence, or other procedures that work to be certain the facts are presented and there is a just result for our clients.

As your attorneys we will act as your ally on the street, at the scene and in the courtroom.