Felony Criminal Defense

Experienced Felony Criminal Defense Lawyers in Vancouver, Washington

The idea of the right to felony criminal defense is illustrated with a flag and gavel.The U.S. Constitution guarantees your right to due process in criminal procedures. Due process means that rules are applied fairly and consistently to anyone accused of a crime.

A criminal defense lawyer works for those charged with a felony or misdemeanor. If you’re suspected of, arrested for, or charged with a crime, the attorneys of Northwest Legal Advocates will protect your rights.

Amendment 5 of the Bill of Rights prohibits the government from depriving anyone of “life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”

What Is a Felony Crime?

A felony is a serious crime. It carries severe punishments: large fines, the loss of certain rights and prison sentences of more than a year. Capital crimes are punishable by death. Felonies include homicide, some assaults and certain types of property crimes. Before the government can punish someone, it must allow for a fair trial, including the right to a defense attorney.

If prosecutors charge you with a felony in Washington, you will be up against the resources of the state. The police and prosecutors will work to uncover evidence of a crime. They will build a case against you. To ensure that your rights are protected, you’ll need the help of a felony defense lawyer.

Felony Criminal Defense

Our firm of former prosecutors now advocate for defendants. We know how the state builds criminal cases. Our past work gives us insight that can help felony defendants.

Our firm accepts felony cases involving unjust accusations or a miscarriage of the law. We are available to consult with other defense attorneys and to provide legal reviews.

As defense attorneys we work to protect the rights of the accused. Our system depends on a presumption of innocence. Before the state can take away life, liberty or property, it must prove its case according to Washington law.

When we represent you in the criminal process, we work to enforce the protections provided you by the Bill of Rights. If law enforcement suspects you of a felony, it’s important to have an attorney advising you early in the process. We’ll begin building your defense and uncovering the facts around your case.

The state has many resources and much authority. To defend your liberty, you need strong, experienced legal counsel. Contact Northwest Legal Advocates to arrange for a consultation.