Estate Planning Protects Your Family and Assets

Healthy Seniors Estate PlanningWe’re so busy living that we sometimes neglect to plan for death. That’s understandable. Many prefer not to think about what happens when they pass on, but estate planning is critical to protect those you leave behind.

If you have yet to prepare legal documents concerning the handling of your estate, we can help. Northwest Legal Advocates has years of experience with estate planning in Vancouver, Washington.

Estate Planning Is Not Just for the Wealthy

Perhaps you think of wills, trusts and estate planning as something for only the wealthy. That’s a common misconception. Even if you don’t think of yourself as rich, you have valuable assets.

You’ve spent years working. Perhaps you have a home, investments and a retirement fund. You may have inherited land or treasured heirlooms. It should be your decision as to how they are ultimately distributed.

Will your property go to your heirs, to your favorite charity or to pay off debts? Whatever they are, no matter what the monetary value, if you have assets, you need a legal way to pass them along.

Plan for Peace of Mind

There’s more to estate planning than property and finances. Estate planning makes provisions for dependents, for appointing guardians or setting up a trust.

You may have pets that need to be cared for when you’re gone. Perhaps you’re the caretaker for a family member. Whoever is important to you can be included in an estate plan.

Without estate planning, you leave the division of your property to state statutes. Washington state’s plan for distributing assets may not match your wishes.

Planning now can give you peace of mind. You can take comfort in knowing the people and causes you most value will be taken care of.

Proper Legal Documents Are Essential

There are many types of documents that assist in the prompt transfer of property. We’ll help you prepare the right documents for your circumstances. Here are the most common types of estate planning tools:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Health care directives
  • Guardianships

Northwest Legal Advocates Creates Custom Estate Plans

No two situations are alike. Life is long and full when we’re fortunate. There are many circumstances, such as past legal agreements and relationships, that can affect who has a claim on an estate.

We have a thorough understanding of the inheritance laws governing Washington state. Northwest Legal Advocates will spend the time needed to understand you. We’ll craft a plan that makes sense for your situation. We’re located in Vancouver, WA and serve residents in surrounding areas.