Police and Government Employees Face Discipline for Private Social Media Posts

July 09, 2019 Written by: Northwest Legal Advocates

We all know that government employees are subject to scrutiny by members of the public. Sometimes by people they deal with who may not like them, such as a person a police officer may have arrested. Other times, the scrutiny comes from members of the community who want to hold public employees to a different […]

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Independent Guild vs. Union

February 27, 2019 Written by: Jim David

What’s a union and what’s a guild?  In Washington they can be the same thing or entirely different depending on the structure of the organization.   Unions Generally speaking, unions are entities that perform collective bargaining on behalf of theirmembers.  They may be organized into “locals” referring to local units of the union. They may provide collective bargaining services such […]

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Rights of Officers When a Crime Victim

August 29, 2018 Written by: Northwest Legal Advocates

Officers enjoy the same rights as any other victim of a crime. These include the right:   To be informed by the prosecuting attorney of the final deposition of the case; To be informed of the procedure to be followed to apply for and receive any witness fees; To be physically present in court during […]

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Rights of Officers When Acting as an Investigator

August 29, 2018 Written by: Northwest Legal Advocates

Whenever an officer conducts an investigation, the officer has the right to speak at sentencing and to propose his or her own recommendation to the case. RCW 9.94a.500 provides that at sentencing: “The court shall …allow arguments from the prosecutor, the defense counsel…and an investigative law enforcement officer as to the sentence to be imposed.” […]

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What Is Criminal Procedure in Washington State?

April 19, 2018 Written by: Northwest Legal Advocates

Criminal procedure is the system the state uses to investigate, try and punish crimes. Police, prosecutors and judges in Vancouver, Washington must abide by this process which protects a suspect's constitutional rights.

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What Does an Elder Law Attorney Do?

March 10, 2018 Written by: Northwest Legal Advocates

As we age, changes are often made in the way we think about the future. One thing that many older citizens start to organize is their will, wanting to ensure that their family has what they need to care for them after their death. But the world of elder law is much more complex than […]

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What is a Plea Deal?

March 06, 2018 Written by: Northwest Legal Advocates

If you are facing a criminal case, you may be picturing a courtroom drama. Where you worry about having to spend a lot of time in the court, and even possibly in jail, while sides argue and a judge listens. However, in many cases, criminal court cases don’t actually get settled in the courts. Instead, […]

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Time and Legal Costs of Lawsuit and Trial Process

March 02, 2018 Written by: Northwest Legal Advocates

The legal costs of a lawsuit and trial can add up quickly. Having an idea of the numbers–both in dollars and hours–that go into the process can ensure you aren’t caught off guard in the middle of the trial. These numbers are estimates and averages, meaning your costs could be less, but they could also […]

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How to protect yourself against elder fraud

February 19, 2018 Written by: Northwest Legal Advocates

Elder fraud is a growing problem in the United States. You may feel that you aren’t at risk or that only the vulnerable become targets, but in August of 2017, the American Journal of Public Health published a report stating that in a year, 1 in 18 “cognitively intact” older Americans is the victim of […]

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What are the Different Types of Plea Bargains?

February 16, 2018 Written by: Northwest Legal Advocates

More than 90 percent of convictions in the U.S. occur without the defendant ever entering into a trial. This is because the majority of verdicts are determined through guilty pleas reached through plea bargains. Plea bargains are an agreement in a criminal case between the prosecutor and the defendant where the defendant usually pleads guilty […]

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