Alan Harvey

Alan Harvey, Lawyer in Vancouver, WAAlan Harvey has been appearing in court in trial practiced law for more than 24 years in two states, as well as in multiple federal jurisdictions. Alan was a career prosecutor in Washington State. Alan Served as a Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in Vancouver, Washington. Alan was a founding member of the Clark County/ City of Vancouver Domestic Violence Prosecution Unit in 2001.

Alan is a recognized leader, having served as the Vice President and President of the ASFME Local and the President of the Clark County Deputy Prosecutors Guild in Vancouver, Washington.

Alan has defended members of law enforcement in United States Federal District Court, where the members who were being sued pursuant to 42 USC 1983, alleging violations of civil rights in a civil action. Further, Alan has represented law enforcement in Washington, in superior court, district court, municipal courts, federal merit systems protection board matters, and in arbitration proceedings.

Alan has represented law enforcement in multiple trial/hearing inquest matters where officers were compelled to use deadly force, which then resulted in death. Finally, Alan has represented law enforcement in internal affairs matters ranging from issues related to use of force concerns to alleged violations of the collective bargaining agreement and/or department policy.