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Northwest Legal Advocates, LLC offers clients legal counsel in a wide range of areas, including criminal defense. NWLA is prepared to handle any case where your rights have been compromised, or you are forced to protect your finances, liberty, or reputation.

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"While I have not retained Mr. Harvey as an attorney, I would in a heartbeat. He stood up for what was right and ethical in a sewage pit of corruption. That is a rare find in the Clark County system of injustice."
"Mr. Harvey has represented me in numerous matters and he is a stellar advocate with impeccable, and unimpeachable, integrity. In matters of the utmost importance such as disputes between employees and employers, civil actions involving law enforcement personnel/officers, labor relations between guilds/unions and employers, and personal civil or criminal matters, I would trust no one else."
Anonymous Client
"Alan Harvey shows dedication to his clients and is an amazing attorney. Alan has gone beyond what I expected of an attorney. Alan is very personable, when I have needed him the most he has been there for me and has taken pride in helping me accomplish multiple life changing tasks, Alan has offered great advice, invested his time in me and my family. Has always responds in a timely manner. Alan has treated me like a friend more than a customer and has earned my trust. I would recommend Alan Harvey with the utmost belief that he will do the best job an attorney can do for your needs."

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